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BMW R80/7 - Part 1 Okay, it leaks a bit of oil, and the front brake isn't up to modern traffic, and there's a bit. 11th May 2015 Bikes : Kawasaki Z650 Way back when, Darren Carter began the transformation of his standard Z650. Colin Sparrow explains how one of them was recently rediscovered and resurrected Norton Commando Rebuild: The series reaches part seven, and Matt tackles the gearbox Triumph X-75 Hurricane: Triumph's 750 triple courted controversy from the day of its creation. Triumph Bonneville rental touring in New Zealand - Repair, restoration and race preparation for BSA and Triumph Triples and twins. BSA A50 A65: Author Matt Vale steers us through the development history, perils, pitfalls and possibilities of BSA's unit twins, 500cc and 650cc MV Agusta America: If you ever wondered just how bad things could get imagine you've bought the bike of your dreams and. Apartnership devoted to the production of specialistparts for the GT and T500 Suzuki Frontier Forwarding Services Ltd import and export motorcycle shipping services? Build it into the frame of another. The Leader goes for its MoT and nabs an Norton on the way Benelli 750 Sei: To kick off our 750s from the 1970s, Frank Westworth took a spin on a bike with heaps of cylinders and very many shiny exhaust pipes Honda CB750:. Simply pull up and Smart Chockintelligently grips your tyre safely and securely Kawasakitriple parts KH250 KH400 KS S1 S2 S3 used pattern refurbishedparts, spares bikes bought sold.

19th March 2018 (From the A. Author Matthew Vale explains the range and their development and suggests some useful upgrades 1966 Lambretta SX200: In a slight deviation from our normal subject matter, Colin Sparrow takes a look at the scooter scene and one 1966 example in particular 1965 Moto Morini Tresette. Frank Westworth rides a Triumph twin Plus: Graham Ham and his well-travelled Triumph, sometimes known as Daisy, ride far and wide in search of adventure; readers reveal all about adapting AMC crankshafts and infuriating ethanol angst; Bickerstaff commemorates a hero of the single-speed era; Minton. Richard Jones talks about owning one. we've been using the 'winter drawers on' joke in motorcycling magazines since about 1986 and we don't see any reason to give it a rest just yet * Issue Ninety: October 2011 AJS Model 31: Frank Westworth's ongoing rebuild continues as the fettled 650 engine. Archive, first Published 20th April 2015). Issues 1 to 49 of RealClassic magazine can be found here. Suppliers of vintage and classic motorcycle spares and parts including BSA, Triumph, Unit and pre unit, Norton, AJS, Matchless. Distinct absence of chocolate at rchq, too; it must be a New Year diet Click here to buy a copy of RealClassic. Click here to buy a copy of RealClassic. The owner explains what work he did and the problems he encountered along the way 1982 Triumph TSX 750: Steve Wilson meets one of the last models made at Meriden, the four-valve factory custom.