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so they are not the cream of the crop to start with. Have you tried m? Also, a website where l'amour de rencontrer site de rencontre lots of teenagers are planning to meet up with each other? Especially on free sites.

I want to meet guys.
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Whats the best free gay popular dating site where i dont have to pay anything Christian dating contracts;.
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As a general rule in life, "free" and "good" rarely go hand in hand. Edit: I stand by may answer. As I said, success stories are rare, and Scoundry's experience is one of these rare exceptions. For a lot of good tips on meeting lots of interesting people, see my answer to this question. In terms of simple time effectiveness, meeting people in real life is A LOT better than meeting people through the internet. You're desperate and have fallen victim to wishful thinking and magical thinking. It's very popular and big site where you can find a lot of very handsome men (if you are not very ugly. Best Answer: I'm sorry, I don't think there is any. I know that I didn't give you any under 18 gay dating sites, but I hope that my answer helped you anyway. Almost all people who try eventually give.

Dave's assertion that a lot of decent people hang out at these sites is also suspect. You may not only meet some potential dates, but make friends that understand you and what you're going through. Success stories are few and far between. Org, source(s mogiliny 9 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment).